Erratum for “Antipolo Fiesta”


The following statement supersedes the caption for plate 129 “Antipolo Fiesta” which appears on page 153 of the book entitled ‘Maestro Fernando C. Amorsolo – Recollections of the Amorsolo Family’.

The actual painting dimension is 51 inches (height) by 76 inches (length).   Hence, the corrected caption is:


Antipolo Fiesta


Oil on canvas

51 x 76 inches

Evelyn S. Dy


We sincerely apologize for this oversight.  May this erratum on the actual painting dimension serve as accurate information to all readers.  We thank Ms. Evelyn Dy, owner of subject painting, for giving us the opportunity to correct this error.

Antipolo Fiesta


This oil painting on canvas depicts a rural scene where a group of people are shown celebrating a fiesta in Antipolo. The main focus is on a pair of dancers in the field surrounded by revelers both young and old.  Abundant food is presented in basketfuls of assorted fruits on the benches and on the ground, as well as the traditional roasted pig or lechon being prepared by two men. Nearby is a house with huge windows from where dwellers watch the revelers. At the background is a huge church, a symbolic town structure.  A vast number of townsmen complete the essence of a fiesta.


It can be said that the pair of dancers are in the usual same pose as those of dancers in Fernando Amorsolo’s various well-known tinikling-related paintings. A viewer may be quick to surmise at a glance that this painting belongs to that category, as the bamboo handlers in the usual tinikling dance often blend in the crowd and are not easily distinguished. However, there are no bamboo-handlers present in this painting simply because the dancers are not performing the tinikling dance.  Thus, this indication is what makes this painting very unique.

Last Update:  02 April, 2009