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Conceptualized and formed by the Amorsolo children, the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation was incorporated on February 3, 2003.  Dedicated to the preservation of the artist's legacy, the Foundation counts among its goals the promotion of the Maestro's unique style and the propagation of his artistic vision.  Alarmed by the prevalence of numerous forgeries of the artist's works, the children initially sought to form a body that would uphold the integrity of the Amorsolo name by primarily cataloguing ad authenticating the artist's works.  Subsequently fueled by a strong desire to honor their father's memory, the Foundation's goals have evolved into more extended objectives.  These include endeavors that strive not only to preserve and document the first Filipino National Artist's heritage but also to propagate his vision to uphold and immortalize Filipino culture through visual arts.  Consistent with the group's goals, the Foundation promotes humanitarian causes as well.


The Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation seeks to preserve a national heritage through the conservation and promotion of the works of the foremost Filipino painter, Fernando C. Amorsolo.

Mission Statements

  • Preserve the artist's memorabilia through the establishment of an Amorsolo museum to serve as a showcase of his artworks and research institution for students.
  • Conduct research and publish art historical materials about the genre associate with Fernando C. Amorsolo.
  • Establish a scholarship grant program and awards fund that will recognize deserving Filipino Fine Arts students.
  • Restore and authenticate the artist's paintings, sketches and various works
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In conjunction with the unprecedented seven-museum retrospective exhibit of Amorsolo’s works, the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation is proud to present a one-of-a-kind publication that catalogues the life and work of the great artist.  The book entitled Maestro Fernando C. Amorsolo: Recollections of the Amorsolo Family is written from the point of view of those who knew him best --- his children and grandchildren.  The book presents a very personal and intimate portrait of a man who many consider to be one of the greatest painters the Philippines has ever produced.  The book, a 347 page treatise which includes over 500 images of paintings, sketches, and photographs,  reveals the man behind the acclaimed artist.  The reader will not only see the painter practicing his craft in front of the easel but also get an appreciation of the motivations and desires that fueled his art by getting a glimpse into the artist’s soul.  If you are interested in purchasing this book, click on the picture at left for further details.

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